Enron Victims Comment on Stoneridge

October 9, 2007

Victims of the Enron fraud released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court case argued today, Stoneridge Investment Partners, LLC v. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc, No. 06-43. The outcome of Stoneridge will likely determine if the Enron case will proceed.

Stoneridge will determine if tens of thousands of us who were robbed of our careers, our savings, and our retirement, will have our day in court to seek justice from the banks that orchestrated the most egregious securities fraud in our nation's history.

“We agree with the SEC that holding corporations accountable is the best way to keep our financial markets the strongest and safest in the world. If corporations are given a free pass to commit fraud and victimize innocent investors, it would shake confidence in American markets.

“Holding corporations accountable when they commit fraud – instead of leaving innocent victims holding the bag – is consistent with the American values of responsibility, accountability and justice.”

Michael J. Bessire Midland, TX

John J. & Charlotte E. Cassidy
San Diego, CA

Michael B. Henning
Land-o-Lakes, FL

Paul Hermanson
Newberg, OR

Gary Kemper
Banks, OR

Dr. Richard W. Kimmerling
Acworth, GA
Steve Lacey
Salem, OR

George Maddox
Van, TX

Charles Prestwood
Lane Conroe, TX

Tim Ramsey
Dundee, OR

Roy Rinard
Welchs, OR

Joe Rinard
Sandy, OR
Mervin H. “Buddy” and Louise Schwartz
Jonestown, PA

Stephen M. Smith
Houston, TX

Joseph C. Speck
North Port, FL

Joe Young
Reno, NV

John Zegarski
Parker, CO