The Law Firm

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP specializes in complex securities litigation on behalf of investors. Judges have described the Firm as one of the most formidable securities law firms in the country. With nearly 200 lawyers in 10 offices nationwide, and thousands of successfully concluded securities actions, Robbins Geller has the resources, experience and tenacity to achieve superior results.

The Firm's record of success includes some of the largest recoveries in history:

  • Largest securities class action recovery: $7.3 billion (Enron)
  • Largest securities class action jury verdict, resulting in a $2.46 billion judgment (Household International)
  • Largest options backdating recovery: $925 million (UnitedHealth Group)
  • Largest opt-out securities action recovery: $657 million (WorldCom)
  • Largest mortgage-backed securities class action recovery: $500 million (Countrywide)
  • Largest corporate takeover recovery: $200 million (Kinder Morgan)

Robbins Geller has the skill and experience to litigate even the most complex and demanding cases. As sole lead counsel in cases such as Enron, Household International and UnitedHealth, the Firm was able to litigate independently and successfully. The Robbins Geller securities team includes dozens of former federal and state prosecutors and trial attorneys, and a top-tier appellate group whose collective work has established numerous legal precedents beneficial to investors.

The depth and breadth of the Firm's resources are unequalled. With hundreds of highly skilled attorneys and employees, including forensic accountants, economists, damage analysts, investigators, paralegals, database programmers and computer security experts, Robbins Geller is able to give the highest level of attention and professionalism to each case and client.

Robbins Geller has been trusteed to represent more institutional investors in securities and corporate litigation than any other law firm in the United States. Over the years the Firm has successfully recovered tens of billions of dollars for defrauded investors. Additionally, Robbins Geller advises hundreds of institutional investors, including public and multi-employer pension funds, fund managers, banks and insurance companies, and monitors investment portfolios for public and multi-employer pension funds with combined assets in excess of $2 trillion. To help monitor and protect these funds, Robbins Geller created the Portfolio Monitoring ProgramSM to detect and protect against fraud. This monitoring program is performed by an exclusive in-house team of two dozen analysts, accountants, and other professionals providing comprehensive monitoring of securities, bonds and other investments.

The Firm not only secures recoveries for defrauded investors, it also works hard to enforce corporate governance changes, helping to improve the financial markets for investors worldwide. Contact us to find out why we're right for you.